How to do a testicle self-exam.

Women are always being encouraged to do their breast self-exams and the embarrassment has all-but gone from the subject.  But what about a man’s crown jewels?  They can get lumps and bumps too, but who ever tells you how to check?

That’s what we’re going to look at in this article.

When should I do a self-exam?

Ideally examine your testicles (balls) after you’ve had a warm bath or shower.  Your skin is more relaxed and this makes it easier to feel for lumps and bumps.

How do I do a testicle self exam?

  1. Use both hands and sit in front of a mirror.testicle self exam
  2. Look for any changes in the skin of the scrotum.
  3. Cup one testicle in one hand
  4. Use the forefinger and middle fingers
  5. Gently roll the testicle between your fingers and thumb.
  6. Imagine you’re ‘looking’ at your balls using your fingers.
  7. Do this regularly (perhaps monthly) so that you get to know what your testicles look and feel like.  Then you will be able to spot any changes.

What does a normal testicle feel and look like?

Each testicle should be a smooth, firm, oval shape.

It’s normal for one to be a little larger than the other.

It’s normal for one to hang a little lower than the other.

What if I find a lump?

Any lumps, bumps, symptoms, weight changes in the testicles or other changes are unlikely to be cancer.  However if they persist for more than 2 weeks, or trouble you then you should talk to your healthcare provider.

He will be trained and practiced in examinations so will be able to reassure you or send you for more tests to be sure of any diagnosis.

If you need more information, look at the Mayo Clinic‘s advice on self exams for your testicles.


If you’re worried about your symptoms or medical problem but don’t want to seek professional help because you feel embarrassed, silly or that it’s your fault in some way, read this page now:  How to talk to a doctor about an embarrassing problem.

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